Who I am
I have a degree from the University of Manitoba in Clothing and Textiles with a minor in Housing and Design. I combine many areas of interest and experience to provide creative solutions for everyday design problems. I have extensive experience in the retail sector using lighting, fixturing, product placement and traffic flow to make retail spaces more exciting, workable and profitable. For the past ten years, I have focused my efforts on residential spaces applying these same principles of design to help my clients reorganize and revitalize their homes.

Remodeling and Home Design
Why I do what I do
In recent years, television has educated the general public about the influence and importance of good design on our every day existence. For many people though, the world of the interior designer remains intimidating and not particularly accessible. I believe good design should be a right, not a privilege so my goal is to demystify the process and make decorating and design services easier to access.
How I do What I do
There are a number of universal rules of design that each of us innately respond to. In working with my clients, I start with the premise that most people have many good ideas and some basic instincts about how they want their spaces to look and feel. My role as a designer is to interpret and refine these ideas to help my clients create spaces that function beautifully and that reflect their personal styles.