Dear Elizabeth,
The photos are fab!  I feel like a designer magazine ad. Thank you so much for making my place so pretty.
I love living here each and every day!
Cheers, Kim

The words “I can’t thank you enough” took on new meaning after I hired Elizabeth to help me update the ‘look’ of my condo and organize five people’s stuff into 1300 square feet! I have worked with interior designers before and had good experiences, but working with Elizabeth was beyond my wildest dreams. First, she insisted that I engage in the process by responding to many questions about how we used the spaces in our home and what kinds of activities our family engaged in and what were items or pictures or colours or furniture that were “sacred” to us and what was open for change. She asked what our budget was and took me seriously, suggesting many ways to save money or do it ourselves. Finally, her suggestions transformed our condo from a place where we stored stuff to a beautiful, inviting, delightfully organized, home. Thanks Elizabeth!!

Brenda Birch, Vancouver, B.C.


Elizabeth has an incredible knack for understanding what you want your space to look like and then translating your wants into an amazing reality. She is full of creative ideas and her sense of colour is truly amazing. I never would have chosen the colours she came up with for our home, but she really “got” us and they reflect our personality as a family perfectly. Elizabeth is realistic with the budget and imaginative and practical with her ideas. The suggestions she made helped me create a space that reflects who I am and what I wanted my home to be.

Elizabeth also revitalized my place of work and captured the right mood for it by simply moving furniture and changing the paint colours. Lots of people can do great work when budget is not an issue but I work for a not-for-profit organization where money is always scarce. It takes a great deal of skill and creativity to do this while keeping costs low.

Mary Anne Crabtree, Vancouver, B.C.


“When Elizabeth helped us stage our home for sale we found her suggestions were both creative and practical. She had a really good sense on where to focus our efforts and what to leave alone. She even turned copper hinges on the kitchen cabinets from a liability into an asset by reinforcing the period look in our character bungalow with copper door pulls and an inexpensive copper-tone light fixture. By the time we were finished, we almost hated to move. The house sold quickly and for top dollar.”
A. Hart, Vancouver, B.C.


“Elizabeth has worked with my husband and me on several different projects in our home over the years. We have enjoyed working with her because she really listens to what we want but isn’t afraid to suggest new ideas that we would never have come up with ourselves. Sometimes we’ve been skeptical, but in the end, the things she has suggested have worked beautifully. We also appreciate that she understands the “value for the dollar” equation and has always respected our budget. And, because she has such a good knowledge of what’s available in lower mainland shops, she is able to come up with just the right finishing touches for our various projects.”

Shirley Mason,Vancouver, B.C.