It all starts with a phone call.

You can reach me at 604-522-2347

During our initial conversation, we will . . .

  • Discuss the particulars of your project, including its scope and the kind of help you think you need.
  • Estimate the approximate amount of time it will take – usually two to four hours for an initial meeting, depending on the size of your space, the scope of your project and your level of preparedness for the visit.
  • Book a mutually convenient time for my visit to your home.

Before I arrive, you will have . . .

  • Thought about some adjectives that describe what you want your space to look and feel like. (eg. Elegant. Dramatic. Fun. Warm. Casual. Modern. Traditional. Formal. Cozy.)
  • Put together a selection of photographs from magazines or books that represent styles or ideas you like.
  • If we will just be working on colour selection and you are planning a renovation or the purchase of new furnishings, you will have gathered the appropriate samples of fabrics or finishes so these can be taken into consideration.

NOTE: It’s best to do this homework with the people who share your space – spouse, relatives, roommates or even kids! But be sure to include that special person whose opinion is a must. In fact, make sure that person is present for the consultation. We humans respond more positively when we feel we’ve been a part of the process.

Once I arrive at your home I wil . . .

  • Conduct a quick tour of your home to get a sense of the space as a whole.
  • Assess the quality of the light – both natural and artificial – in each room. It’s essential to do this during daylight hours for best results when selecting colour
  • Consider existing finishes – cabinetry, flooring, large pieces of furniture, bedding, draperies, etc., including the style statement these fixed elements make.
  • Discuss with you your vision of the styles you love and what you want for the space in terms of look, feel and function.
  • If appropriate, re-arrange furniture and artwork.

By the time I leave, you will have . . .

  • A room-by-room action plan, if appropriate, which may include a painting plan with sample chips of any colours selected. This will be presented verbally, with full, hard-copy specs delivered either electronically the next day, or by Canada Post.
  • A clear idea of the next steps in your project.
  • The names of some of the trades or sources that may be required to complete your project.

By the time I leave, I will have . . .

  • A cheque or cash (including GST) for the time spent, calculated in increments of 15 minutes. (A copy of your paid invoice will be sent by mail or email the following day.)
  • A list of product or services for which you require more of my help. (Additional charges usually apply.)